Nieves Lavi New York: Where Resort Lifestyle Meets Sustainable Luxury

Step into the world of Nieves Lavi New York, where the essence of a free-spirited, globe-trotting glamour girl is encapsulated in every stitch and print. Founded in the vibrant city of New York in 2004 by the dynamic duo of Sam Nieves Velez and Sharon Lavi, this brand has quickly risen to the forefront of the fashion industry. Initially gracing the racks of renowned department stores and boutiques worldwide, Nieves Lavi became a favorite among fashion-forward individuals with a global conscience.

Nieves Lavi

Nieves Lavi New York

From prestigious retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue to online giants like NET-A-PORTER, Nieves Lavi has garnered a loyal following of celebrities, fashion editors, and trendsetters. The brand’s commitment to luxury, sustainability, and style has set it apart in a sea of fast fashion, resonating with those who seek a more meaningful connection to their clothing.


In response to the changing landscape of consumer preferences, Nieves Lavi made a bold move in 2020 by embracing a direct-to-consumer online model. By doing so, the brand has been able to forge a deeper bond with its audience while staying true to its ethos of providing sustainable resort wear that speaks to the modern free spirit.


Collaborating with luxury sustainable resort brands worldwide, Nieves Lavi creates artisanal pieces using the finest eco-friendly materials. Each caftan and sun dress is meticulously designed and produced in the brand’s West Village NYC studio, showcasing intricate embroideries and original prints that reflect a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

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The brand’s range of ethically sourced accessories complements its timeless and innovative designs, offering a comprehensive selection for those seeking effortless chic ensembles for any occasion. Whether you’re dreaming of a sun-soaked escape or simply looking to infuse your everyday wardrobe with a touch of carefree elegance, Nieves Lavi’s vacation shop has everything you need to elevate your style and embrace a lifestyle that exudes both luxury and sustainability.


Nieves Lavi’s success story is a testament to the power of passion and vision in the world of fashion. Founded on the belief that luxury should be attainable for all, the brand has carved a niche for itself by offering exquisite designs at accessible prices. With a shared love for vibrant colors and unique patterns, founders Sam Nieves Velez and Sharon Lavi have created a brand that resonates with a diverse clientele, from California boutiques to international department stores.


The journey of Nieves Lavi is one of dedication, hard work, and a deep appreciation for the art of fashion. From their humble beginnings to their current status as trailblazers in the world of attainable luxury, Sam and Sharon have remained true to their vision of democratizing fashion and creating designs that inspire and empower.

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Both Sam and Sharon brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, having graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and honed their skills working for various New York designers. However, their true calling lay in embarking on their entrepreneurial journey and bringing their vision to life.


As the creative force behind the brand, Sharon Lavi brings a unique perspective to each collection, drawing inspiration from her love of travel, art, and nature. Her designs capture the essence of adventure and sophistication, reflecting a blend of cultural influences and modern aesthetics that set Nieves Lavi apart in the world of fashion.


In a recent interview with SAXS Magazine, renowned fashion designer Sharon Lavi delves into her diverse sources of inspiration that shape her unique fashion sensibilities. Lavi credits her mother’s free-spirited style from the 1970s as her initial influence, a legacy that continues to inspire her designs today. Drawing from her childhood memories and a desire for liberation, Lavi aims to capture this essence in her creations.

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Beyond her mother’s impact, Lavi draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestries and artisanal traditions found across the globe. From Africa to Asia, and the Americas, Lavi is enamored by the diverse customs, cuisines, clothing, art, and nature each region offers. She emphasizes that her sources of inspiration are limitless, spanning from fashion icons to street styles and traditional art forms.


When discussing her top five fashion essentials for resort wear and life in NYC, Lavi shares her must-have pieces for each occasion. For summer resort wear, she recommends her printed Nieves Lavi Kaftan, paired with K.Jacque St Tropez platforms and a French market bag. She also highlights the importance of oversized Celine sunglasses and a versatile Fouta. In the bustling city life of New York, Lavi opts for a Margiela denim skirt and a cropped Nieves Lavi black silk T-shirt. She praises the comfort and style of Balenciaga slides, along with her collection of Celine oversized sunglasses and a Bottega Veneta Camel camera bag.


Lavi’s fashion choices mirror her eclectic taste, blending timeless elegance with contemporary trends. Her ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources sets her apart as a designer who seamlessly merges cultural influences with modern aesthetics.

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HRH Princess Keisha's allegiance to the Nieves Lavi's brand has remained steadfast over the years

Lavi shared valuable insights on navigating the competitive fashion industry. She emphasized hard work and humility, debunking the glamorous myth often associated with the field. Lavi stressed the importance of versatility and a comprehensive understanding of design, marketing, and business to achieve success.


Entering the year 2024 marks a significant milestone as Nieves Lavi celebrates two decades of sartorial excellence. In a serendipitous encounter back in 2004, Sharon of Nieves Lavi and HRH Princess Keisha Omilana forged a partnership that would shape the course of fashion history. Selected as the face of Nieves Lavi’s launch, Princess Keisha’s allegiance to the brand has remained steadfast over the years, making Nieves Lavi her go-to choice for all things resort wear. With resounding praise, Princess Keisha asserts, “Nieves Lavi stands as the epitome of resort wear design. For a continuous span of 20 years, I have exclusively embraced Nieves Lavi’s creations during each summer escapade!”


Furthermore, Lavi revealed exciting news about her brand, an exclusively online, women-owned and operated company with a strong Instagram presence. Committed to continual improvement, each collection evolves to meet customer needs while promoting the longevity of fashion. Lavi’s dedication to quality and innovation serves as an inspiration to emerging fashion professionals, emphasizing the essential elements of hard work, adaptability, and business acumen in the industry.