080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 relies heavily on the support of sponsors and collaborators


These sponsors and collaborators play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the 080 Barcelona Fashion event. Kevin Murphy, the official hairdresser, brings his expertise and innovative techniques to create stunning hairstyles that complement the designers’ collections. MAC Cosmetics, as the official makeup brand, adds the perfect finishing touch to the models’ looks, enhancing their natural beauty and highlighting the unique aspects of each designer’s vision.

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 n6

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Collar corbatero at the Nathalie Chandler Show)

Moco Museum, the official cultural content partner, brings a touch of art and creativity to the event. Their collaboration includes curated exhibitions and installations that inspire and provoke thought, adding an extra layer of depth to the fashion experience. Nobu Hotel Barcelona, as the official hotel, provides a luxurious and comfortable accommodation option for the designers, models, and guests attending the event, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


The 12 collaborators also contribute to the overall success of the event. Thuya Professional Line, as the official manicure brand, ensures that the models’ nails are perfectly groomed and polished to complement their outfits. Cointreau, the official liquor brand, offers refreshing and delicious cocktails to the attendees, adding a touch of sophistication and enjoyment to the fashion shows and events.

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 n1

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Satinados At the Lola Casademunt by Maite show)

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 b4

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Aires '2YK' at the Custo Barcelona Show)

Gin Gold, as the official premium gin, provides a selection of high-quality gin options for guests to enjoy during the event. Vallformosa, the official cava brand, offers sparkling wine that adds a celebratory touch to the occasion. Rowenta, as the official ironing and sanitization brand, ensures that the garments showcased on the runway are perfectly pressed and sanitized, maintaining their pristine appearance.


Natur All, the official water brand, keeps everyone hydrated and refreshed throughout the event. La Roca Village, as the official fashion destination, showcases the latest trends and offers exclusive shopping experiences for fashion enthusiasts. INCAVI (Institut Català de la Vinya i el Vi), DO Catalunya, DO Montsant, and DO Penedès, as the official wine brands, provide a selection of exquisite wines that pair perfectly with the culinary delights served during the event.


With the support of these sponsors and collaborators, the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion promises to be a remarkable showcase of sustainable fashion, circularity, and diversity. The event not only highlights the talent and creativity of designers and brands but also emphasizes the importance of responsible and conscious fashion choices.

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Brooches At the Escorpion parade)

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 n2

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Flores XXL At the Lebor Gabala parade)

080 Barcelona Fashion aims to showcase the immense talent and potential of Catalan designers, as well as foster collaborations and partnerships within the industry. By providing a platform for emerging and established designers alike, the event serves as a catalyst for innovation and creativity in the fashion sector.


Through a series of runway shows, exhibitions, and conferences, 080 Barcelona Fashion brings together industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and trendsetters from around the world. The event not only highlights the latest trends and collections but also encourages dialogue and exchange of ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion norms.


One of the key focuses of 080 Barcelona Fashion is sustainability. Recognizing the urgent need for a more environmentally conscious approach to fashion, the platform actively promotes sustainable practices and ethical production methods. From showcasing eco-friendly collections to hosting discussions on circular fashion and responsible consumption, the event strives to inspire positive change within the industry.

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 n5

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Looks monoclor At the All That she Loves Show)

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 n7

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Mix de estampados at the Outsiders Division Show)

Moreover, 080 Barcelona Fashion plays a crucial role in fostering the growth and internationalization of Catalan fashion brands. By providing a platform for designers to showcase their work to a global audience, the event opens doors to new markets and opportunities. This exposure not only benefits the designers themselves but also contributes to the overall growth and recognition of the Catalan fashion industry.


In addition to its impact on the fashion sector, 080 Barcelona Fashion also has a significant economic impact on the region. The event attracts visitors from all over the world, boosting tourism and generating revenue for local businesses. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for networking and collaboration, creating new business opportunities and strengthening the fashion ecosystem in Catalonia.


Overall, 080 Barcelona Fashion is a dynamic and forward-thinking platform that drives the transformation of the fashion sector in Catalonia. Through its commitment to innovation, creativity, and sustainability, the event continues to shape the future of fashion, both within the region and on a global scale.

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 n3

080 Barcelona Fashion 2023 (Boinas at the Paolo Leduc Show)

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