A Majestic Portrait Unveiled: Celebrating The King’s Legacy

In a momentous event that marked a significant milestone in royal history, the unveiling of the first official portrait of The King, completed by the renowned artist Jonathan Yeo, captivated audiences and art enthusiasts alike. The portrait, commissioned in 2020 to commemorate the then Prince of Wales’s remarkable 50 years as a member of The Drapers’ Company in 2022, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of a beloved monarch.

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Celebrating The King's Legacy

The striking portrait portrays His Majesty adorned in the distinguished uniform of the Welsh Guards, a poignant nod to his esteemed role as Regimental Colonel since 1975. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the canvas’s dimensions, carefully chosen at approximately 8 1/2 by 6 1/2 feet framed, to harmoniously complement the grandeur of Drapers’ Hall and seamlessly integrate with the esteemed collection of paintings adorning its walls.


Jonathan Yeo’s artistic journey with The King spanned four intimate sittings, commencing in June 2021 at Highgrove during His Majesty’s tenure as Prince of Wales, and culminating in a final session at Clarence House in November 2023. Drawing inspiration from firsthand encounters and photographic captures, Yeo meticulously crafted the portrait in his London studio between sittings, infusing depth and character into the regal depiction.

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A Majestic Portrait Unveiled

The unveiling ceremony, graced by the presence of The King and Queen, resonated with a sense of reverence and admiration as the masterful artwork was revealed. The Master of The Drapers’ Company, Tom Harris, and Past Master William Charnley welcomed the royal couple, converging with Jonathan Yeo to witness the poignant moment. Yeo’s heartfelt words underscored the privilege of immortalizing such a remarkable figure, especially during the historic transition to Kingship, eliciting a profound sense of gratitude and honor.


Among the distinguished attendees were members of the Drapers’ Company, students and faculty from the Drapers’ Academy, representatives from the Welsh Guards, and Jonathan Yeo’s own family, collectively sharing in the profound significance of the occasion. The portrait’s upcoming public exhibition at the esteemed Philip Mould Gallery in London, from May 16th to June 14th, promises to offer a broader audience a glimpse into the artistry and reverence encapsulated within the masterpiece.

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King Charles III Unveiling the Portrait

Anticipation mounts for the portrait’s permanent residence at Drapers’ Hall, slated for the conclusion of August, where it will take its rightful place among the illustrious tapestry of history and tradition. Jonathan Yeo’s artistic prowess shines brightly, underscoring his previous royal endeavors, including the acclaimed portrait of The Duchess of Cornwall, now The Queen, further solidifying his legacy as a preeminent artist capturing the essence of royalty with unparalleled skill and finesse.


As the portrait of The King stands as a poignant symbol of dedication, service, and unwavering commitment to duty, it serves as a timeless tribute to a monarch whose legacy continues to inspire and resonate with generations to come. Jonathan Yeo’s artistic rendition immortalizes a pivotal moment in royal history, encapsulating the essence of majesty and grace in a masterpiece that will endure the test of time.

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King Charles III With The Artist, Jonathan Yeo