Discovering the Best Carbonara in Rome with SAXS Magazine

Carbonara, a decadent mix of yolks, guanciale, and pecorino, is hailed as the Holy Grail of Roman cuisine. This carb-heavy dish stands tall among its pasta counterparts like cacio e pepe, gricia, and amatriciana, embodying the heart and soul of Roman cooking.

Best Carbonara in Rome

Discovering the Best Carbonara in Rome with SAXS Magazine

From the charming trattorias of Trastevere to the humble kitchens of Ostiense, carbonara is a staple in Roman dining, so much so that it has its own dedicated day on 6 April. However, this beloved dish also stirs controversy, as Romans are known for their strict adherence to the traditional recipe.


SAXS Magazine’s comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of crafting the perfect carbonara, offering insights into the finest establishments in Rome where this culinary marvel can be savored. From the luscious creaminess of the sauce to the precise balance of ingredients, mastering the art of carbonara is a culinary journey that promises to tantalize the taste buds and captivate the senses.


Embark on a gastronomic odyssey through the streets of Rome with SAXS Magazine’s expertly curated guide to the city’s most exceptional carbonara offerings. Indulge in the rich flavors and cultural heritage that this iconic dish embodies, and discover why carbonara holds a revered place in the hearts of Romans and food enthusiasts alike.

Best Carbonara Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina 1

Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

Best Carbonara Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

Carbonara at Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

1. Indulge in the ultimate Roman culinary experience at Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina, where traditional flavors are elevated to gourmet heights. In a city known for its hearty and rich dishes, this bakery-turned-restaurant stands out for its refined take on Roman cuisine.


Among the plethora of pasta dishes in Rome, carbonara reigns supreme as the Holy Grail of Roman cooking. Made with yolks, guanciale, and pecorino, this carb-heavy delight is a staple in the city’s culinary scene. From the charming trattorias in Trastevere to the humble kitchen tables in Ostiense, carbonara is a ubiquitous presence in Roman dining.


At Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina, the art of carbonara reaches its pinnacle. Renowned for sourcing the finest ingredients, Roscioli’s version of the beloved dish is a testament to culinary excellence in Rome. With a dedication to quality and a commitment to tradition, Roscioli has perfected the art of carbonara, offering diners a taste of the city’s finest spin on this classic dish.


Whether you’re a local looking for a gourmet experience or a visitor eager to savor authentic Roman flavors, Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina is a must-visit destination. Immerse yourself in the gastronomic delights of Rome and discover the true essence of carbonara at this renowned establishment.

Best Carbonara Flavio al Veloavevodetto jpg

Flavio al Veloavevodetto

Best Carbonara Flavio al Veloavevodetto 1

Carbonara at Flavio al Veloavevodetto

2. Tucked away in the lively neighborhood of Testaccio lies a hidden culinary gem that promises an unforgettable dining experience. Flavio al Veloavevodetto, located within a 2,000-year-old mound of discarded amphora fragments, offers more than just a meal – it offers a journey through history.


Chef Flavio De Maio, also known as the “Carbonara King,” is the mastermind behind the renowned carbonara dish that has earned him his title. With a passion for sourcing the finest ingredients from local farmers and families, Flavio ensures that every bite is a taste of perfection. The generous portions served at his cellar-osteria are a reflection of both his culinary expertise and his commitment to providing a regal feast for his guests.


Visiting Flavio al Veloavevodetto is more than just a meal, it’s an experience. As you dine amidst ancient ruins and soak in the rich history of the location, you’ll find yourself transported to a different era. The authentic flavors of Rome’s most beloved dish will leave you feeling satisfied and content, echoing the sentiment of the locals who say, “che hai magnato.”


For those looking to escape the tourist traps of the city center and discover a true taste of Rome, Flavio al Veloavevodetto is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in the magic of this unique dining experience and treat yourself to a meal fit for a king.

Best Carbonara Da Teo trattoria

Trattoria Da Teo

Best Carbonara Da Teo trattoria 1

Carbonara at Trattoria Da Teo

3. In the heart of Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood lies Da Teo, a cozy trattoria that instantly makes visitors feel like treasured guests in a local’s home. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, filled with animated conversations and Chef Teodoro Filippini’s occasional presence among diners, adds to the charm of this ivy-clad gem.


The carbonara at Da Teo is a must-try, resembling a lovingly prepared homemade dish. Its rich, creamy texture and the flavorful touch of grated pecorino create a harmonious blend that delights the taste buds with each mouthful.


What truly elevates Da Teo’s carbonara is the unwavering dedication to quality ingredients. Chef Teodoro’s daily visits to the market ensure that only the freshest produce makes it to the kitchen. This commitment to sourcing top-notch ingredients sets Da Teo apart from others, emphasizing authenticity over convenience in every delightful plate served.

Best Carbonara Armando al Pantheon

Armando al Pantheon

Best Carbonara Armando al Pantheon 1

Carbonara at Armando al Pantheon

4. Located in the bustling city center, Armando al Pantheon shines as a cherished culinary treasure. Embracing its namesake from the ancient Roman temple, this family-run establishment exudes a sense of history and tradition. Vintage photographs adorn the walls, enveloping patrons in a warm ambiance that harkens back to bygone eras.


Among the array of delectable dishes offered at Armando’s, the carbonara stands out as a crowd favorite for its unparalleled creaminess. While some traditionalists may initially raise an eyebrow at the unconventional twist, the secret lies in the unexpected use of parmesan cheese. Departing from the customary pecorino, this choice of northern Italian cow’s cheese introduces a unique flavor profile and texture to the classic dish, leaving diners delighted and eager for more.

Best Carbonara Checco er Carrettiere 1

Checco er Carrettiere

Best Carbonara Checco er Carrettiere

Carbonara at Checco er Carrettiere

5. Nestled in a charming Trastevere alleyway, Checco er Carrettiere is a hidden gem that exudes a nostalgic charm reminiscent of mid-century Rome. Stepping into this iconic restaurant feels like entering a time capsule, with its oak-paneled walls adorned with sepia photographs of local legends from football stars to film icons, guiding you to a cozy Roman courtyard.


Checco er Carrettiere is a place that evokes a sense of comfort and history, making it a favorite spot for those seeking a traditional dining experience. Their signature carbonara dish, made with Lagano brand spaghettoni and perfectly cooked guanciale, is a testament to their commitment to preserving the authenticity of classic Roman cuisine.


With a history dating back to 1935, Checco er Carrettiere is the oldest establishment on this list, attracting a diverse clientele over the years, including renowned figures like Federico Fellini. Despite changing times, this restaurant has remained steadfast in its dedication to preserving its heritage and offering guests an unforgettable taste of Roman culinary tradition. As soon as you step foot inside, you are enveloped in a scent of history, adding to the unique and timeless experience Checco er Carrettiere has to offer.