GCDS Men and Women Fall Winter 2024 Milan


Giuliano and Giordano Calza, the masterminds behind GCDS, once again showcased their knack for fun with a dark and moody twist in their Fall/Winter 2024 collection, titled “Toys for Adults.” Returning to Milan Fashion Week, the duo brought a playful and youthful energy to the runway, urging wearers to break free from the constraints of adulthood.

GCDS Men and Women Fall Winter 2024 Milan

GCDS FW24 is a celebration of youth, rebellion, and freedom, blending temptation with a hint of nostalgia for childhood. The collection captures iconic moments from adolescence, from late-night horror movie marathons to glamorous prom nights and innocent playroom adventures. The first looks featured ethereal all-white ensembles adorned with whimsical ruffles, exuding a rebellious purity. Oversized suits embellished with blooming roses beckon to those ready to party, while tulle veils add a touch of mystery to mischievous gowns.

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