Legal Battle Continues: Prince Harry Determined to Uphold Security Rights

Prince Harry remains determined to continue his legal battle over the reduction of his police protection in the UK, despite facing setbacks in court. The Duke of Sussex recently lost an appeal in his challenge against the decrease in security measures once he stepped down from his royal duties. Despite this initial defeat, he is pressing on with his fight for increased protection.

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Legal Battle Continues: Prince Harry Determined to Uphold Security Rights

His legal team has confirmed that Prince Harry will be seeking permission to appeal the decision made by Mr. Justice Lane in the Court of Appeal. The High Court recently rejected his latest attempt to challenge the Home Office on the issue of security arrangements when he visits the UK from his residence in the United States.


The Duke of Sussex’s determination to pursue this legal battle shows his commitment to ensuring his safety and that of his family. The outcome of this ongoing legal dispute will undoubtedly have implications for the level of security provided to him in the future.

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It is important to consider the recent ruling regarding Prince Harry’s security protection and the decision made by the Ravec committee. The ruling emphasized that the committee, responsible for security arrangements for royalty, VIPs, and senior public figures, was within its rights to determine Prince Harry’s level of protection when his status changed after stepping down as a working member of the Royal Family.


The ruling, delivered by Sir Peter Lane, highlighted that the claimant, Prince Harry, believed he should have received different security treatment in the UK compared to what was decided by the Ravec committee. Prince Harry’s argument was based on his personal comparison of his security needs with those of others. However, the expert body, Ravec, had a different perspective and concluded that Prince Harry’s security arrangements should be adjusted based on his changed status.


The judge emphasized that the appeal made by Prince Harry’s legal team did not provide any new evidence but rather reiterated the arguments previously presented. The High Court had previously ruled in February that there was no unlawfulness in the decision-making process regarding Prince Harry’s security protection.

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The Ravec committee determined that Prince Harry should have a “bespoke” security arrangement for his publicly-funded security while in the UK, considering that he was no longer eligible for the same level of protection as working royals. This decision reflects the committee’s expertise and the need to tailor security measures according to individual circumstances.


Following a recent ruling by the High Court, it has been determined that the bespoke arrangement under scrutiny was considered “legally sound.” The court proceedings involved a significant portion of the evidence being heard in private due to security concerns. Despite any claims of “procedural unfairness,” the court concluded that it would not have altered the outcome of Ravec’s decision.

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Prince Harry’s legal team had stated their intention to challenge this ruling, expressing the Duke’s hope for justice to be served by the Court of Appeal. Emphasizing that Prince Harry was not seeking special treatment, his lawyers highlighted concerns regarding the fairness of the decision-making process.


Although the initial appeal was turned down on Monday, Prince Harry’s legal team plans to seek permission for a direct appeal to the Court of Appeal. Additionally, a ruling was made on the matter of costs, with Prince Harry being obligated to cover 90% of the Home Office’s legal expenses incurred in defending against this challenge.

Prince Harry legal battle continues

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Overall, the ruling underscores the importance of expert judgment in security matters and the necessity to adapt security arrangements based on changes in an individual’s status. Prince Harry’s case serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in providing security for high-profile individuals and the need for careful consideration in such decisions.