Mayte Ariza is a sought-after mentor and coach, and her impact is growing

Mayte Ariza’s expertise in the art of dreaming has made her a sought-after mentor and coach for individuals from various walks of life. Her unique approach, known as the Dream’s Strategy, has proven to be highly effective in helping dreamers turn their aspirations into reality.

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Mayte Ariza is a life coach and mentor

Mayte’s expertise in the Art of Dreaming has made her a specialist in helping individuals transform their big dreams into tangible realities. Her encounters with influential mentors in Milan three decades ago not only granted her a master’s degree but also provided her with the necessary license to put her knowledge to the test.


Through the methodology she created, known as the Dream’s Strategy, Mayte has developed a programming system that empowers people with powerful skills to achieve their big goals. She is recognized as a leader in the dreamer movement and has established the Dreamer Community on an international level. Mayte offers conferences, mentoring, and designs individual strategies to help individuals achieve their dreams.

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Mayte Ariza

As the founder of Quantum Comunicación INTEGRAL, Mayte’s company guarantees her extensive experience working with multinational corporations in creating high-impact strategies. She is skilled in projecting messages that bring value to society. Her background as a journalist with a conscience and a degree in Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid equips her with essential knowledge and experience in the Dream’s Factory.


In the Dream’s Factory, coaches can specialize in Mayte’s innovative methodology, while artists, designers, and entrepreneurs can cultivate their dreams and manifest them with power, clarity, and strategy. Mayte’s unique combination of skills and experience makes her a trusted guide in helping individuals and organizations turn their dreams into reality.


Over the past two decades, Mayte has worked with numerous dreamers, both in their professional and personal lives. From aspiring artists and writers to ambitious entrepreneurs and executives, she has guided them towards achieving their goals and unlocking their full potential.

Mayte’s success as a mentor and coach has also attracted the attention of several personalities from the world of culture and television in our country. Renowned actors, musicians, and television personalities have sought her guidance to overcome obstacles, find clarity in their dreams, and develop strategies to reach new heights in their careers.


With her deep understanding of the human psyche and her ability to tap into the power of dreams, Mayte has become a trusted advisor for those who are determined to make their dreams come true. Her approach goes beyond mere goal-setting; she helps individuals align their dreams with their values, passions, and strengths, creating a solid foundation for success.


Through personalized coaching sessions, workshops, and seminars, Mayte empowers dreamers to break free from self-limiting beliefs, overcome fears, and take bold actions towards their dreams. Her guidance is not limited to professional aspirations; she also assists individuals in cultivating fulfilling personal lives, nurturing relationships, and finding balance and happiness.

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Mayte Ariza's impact is growing

Mayte Ariza’s impact as a mentor and coach extends far beyond the individuals she directly works with. Through her teachings and the success stories of her clients, she has inspired countless others to believe in the power of their dreams and take proactive steps towards achieving them.


As the creator of the Dream’s Strategy, Mayte continues to innovate and refine her approach, staying at the forefront of the field of dream coaching. Her dedication to helping dreamers transform their lives has made her a respected figure in the industry, and her influence shows no signs of slowing down.