Raquel Entero: A Countess Committed to the Pursuit of Peace

At the private unveiling of Ted Lanarás’ latest music performance , HRH Princess Keisha Omilana had the honor of meeting Countess De Pineda Raquel Entero. Surrounded by enchanting tunes, the Countess graciously invited TRH Princess Keisha Omilana and Prince Kunle Omilana to her extraordinary residence, the breathtaking Tasta estate. Nestled amidst nature’s wonders, this sanctuary exudes tranquility and showcases unparalleled beauty.



During her visit, HRH Princess Keisha Omilana, the esteemed owner of SAXS Magazine, had the extraordinary opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with the remarkable Countess De Pineda, Raquel Entero. Delving into their conversation, Raquel Entero candidly shared her profound decision to abandon her bustling life in Madrid and embrace a more serene existence surrounded by the beauty of nature. Identifying herself as a person of simplicity, she discovered solace in a place she affectionately refers to as her “little cave,” her own secluded sanctuary. In this new chapter, her life is no longer governed by economic or political factors, but instead, by the tranquility and splendor of the natural world.

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HRH Princess Keisha Omilana with Raquel Entero

Remarkably, Countess De Pineda’s harmonious connection with nature not only brought her inner peace but also provided her with the freedom to pursue her true passion for art and cultural projects. By extricating herself from the chaotic urban life, she discovered the liberty to engage in activities that truly ignited her soul. As a diligent researcher in the fields of radionics and natural medicine, she remains unwaveringly committed to the principles of natural healing. Intriguingly, she has even incorporated advanced technology inspired by the brilliant mind of Nicolas Tesla into her practice. Countess De Pineda’s enlightening interview serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes, the path to fulfillment lies in simplifying our lives and reconnecting with the awe-inspiring world that surrounds us.


TRH Princess Keisha Omilana and Prince Kunle Omilana with Raquel Entero

Unveiling a hidden facet of herself, Raquel Entero emerges as a champion of simplicity and transparency, shedding light on her genuine ardor for joining forces on ventures that champion peace. Her unwavering dedication to fostering harmony becomes palpable as she unveils her visionary ambition for an awe-inspiring endeavor at the primary entrance of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, dedicated to the esteemed Mariana De Pineda.


Across Europe, Mariana De Pineda stands tall as an emblem of liberation. In Raquel Entero’s astute perception, the European Parliament project serves as an idyllic platform to propagate peace. Recognizing the profound influence of culture in forging solidarity among individuals, Raquel firmly believes that any occasion centering around culture, art, design, or science can contribute significantly to the pursuit of peace. Her unwavering zeal and unwavering readiness to collaborate on such transformative endeavors underscore her unwavering commitment to kindling a positive imprint on the world.


Seated gracefully in her exquisite drawing room, adorned with portraits of her esteemed ancestors, Raquel Entero, the actual Countess de Pineda, basks in an ambiance that exudes history and tradition. It is within this refined setting that a conversation about the indelible lega we cy of Mariana Pineda takes place, a woman who personified the essence of freedom and fought unwaveringly for justice, inspiring countless generations.

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A Countess Committed to the Pursuit of Peace

Reflecting on the event that transpired in Strasbourg in 2003, Raquel’s voice resonates with deep emotion as she pays tribute to María Izquierdo Rojo MEP. For four arduous years, María displayed an unwavering determination to honor the courageous spirit of Mariana Pineda, tirelessly endeavoring to have her name grace the main entrance of the Parliament. This remarkable feat was achieved through unanimous support from all Members of the European Parliament, a powerful testament to the enduring impact of Mariana’s legacy. In that moment, not only did it bring triumph to generations, but it also symbolized the belief in the transformative power of individuals to shape history.


Raquel Entero’s firm conviction resonates as she declares that Mariana’s sacrifice was not in vain. Her unwavering resistance against the oppressive regime of Ferdinand VII and her steadfast refusal to betray her comrades reverberated throughout Europe, capturing the hearts of countless individuals. Mariana became an emblem of loyalty, freedom, and the unwavering preservation of constitutional values.


Through Raquel Entero’s words, one can perceive her profound admiration for Mariana Pineda, as she describes the profound influence her ancestor had on the consciousness of Europe. Mariana’s name now stands shoulder to shoulder with other iconic champions of justice, such as Joan of Arc and Louise Weiss, forever etched in the annals of history.

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Raquel Entero’s enthusiasm radiated as she delved into the intricate details of a project she had previously mentioned and was currently wholeheartedly dedicated to.


An innovative concept began to take shape in Raquel’s mind – a project to be held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, right at the doorstep of Mariana Pineda. It would be a celebration of art, science, and culture, serving as a pathway to peace. This event would embody the enduring struggle and legacy, mirroring the pact made by Nicolas Roerich when he designed his iconic flag for peace.


Yet, Raquel’s vision extended far beyond mere entertainment. Her intention was to honor the fearless Mariana de Pineda, a symbol of sacrifice in the relentless pursuit of global freedom and peace. To accomplish this, the event would revolve around the profound themes of liberty and harmony, seamlessly intertwining the realms of science, art, and culture. Raquel found inspiration in the profound legacy of Nicholas Roerich, the esteemed artist and philosopher renowned for his unwavering commitment to promoting peace. Furthermore, she planned to incorporate the iconic flag of peace, a powerful symbol representing unity and concord among nations.

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Through the harmonious fusion of these elements, Raquel Entero aspired to create an experience that would provoke contemplation and leave a lasting impact upon attendees. It was her fervent desire that, through the transformative power of art and culture, individuals would be inspired to reflect upon the profound significance of freedom and peace in our modern world. This event promised to be an unparalleled celebration, a captivating manifestation of the Countess’s passion for fostering harmony and understanding through various forms of creative expression.


During this interview with HRH Princess Keisha Omilana the owner of SAXS Magazine, Raquel Entero elaborated on the significance of the previous peace flag, which had been awarded to the city of San Sebastian due to its rich cultural heritage.


Additionally, the natural bio-space Tasta, a creation of Raquel Entero, had recently been honored with the prestigious Peace Flag Award. Within the ethereal boundaries of the natural bio-space Tasta, the Countess had meticulously crafted a video that conveyed the profound sense of peace and beauty that permeated the location. The video served as a visual testament to the splendor of the surroundings, exuding a serene energy that invited viewers into a state of tranquility and relaxation – a poignant message that Raquel Entero sought to impart.

Her ultimate goal was to capture the essence of the place and spread it to the world

During a special ceremony, Leonardo Olazabal, the president of the ADA Roerich association, joined forces with Petri Martin, the vice-president, to honor the bio natural space Tasta with the prestigious peace flag award. The incredible beauty that flourished in this place was recognized and applauded by all. Grateful for such a remarkable acknowledgement, the contessa of Pineda expressed her deepest appreciation.


In addition to this momentous occasion, Raquel Entero shared her initial plans for the estate. Initially, she envisioned constructing 2 or 3 ecological houses to provide accommodation for the organizers of the events she intended to host. However, fueled by a change of heart, she ultimately decided to devote the space entirely to organizing activities, art, science, and cultural events. With this new direction, she no longer offered accommodation to the organizers, shifting her focus towards creating an environment that fostered meaningful and transformative experiences.

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HRH Princess Keisha Omilana and Countess of Pineda


As the exclusive interview progressed with HRH Princess Keisha Omilana, the owner of SAXS magazine, Raquel Entero unveiled the captivating backstory behind her extraordinary estate. It all began with a transformative encounter she had in Peru, which set her on a path towards this remarkable haven. Arriving at the estate during a long weekend getaway, she was met with dilapidated ruins. However, a magnetic pull and an enigmatic energy compelled her to forge a connection with the place.


The estate itself boasts a rich history spanning 250 years and exudes an unparalleled charm. Raquel Entero described it as a sanctuary of healing, enveloping all who visit in a profound sense of serenity. She elaborated on the unique geography of the valley in which the estate resides, likening it to the symbolic shape of a womb, with the encircling mountaintops forming a gateway towards the south. This feminine symbolism further amplifies the ethereal aura that permeates the entire estate.


In 2007, Raquel Entero experienced a spiritual awakening while contemplating a majestic waterfall in Peru. This awakening, combined with the profound impact of the movie “The Mission,” instilled within her a deep sense of purpose. Though uncertain of the exact nature of her mission, she was resolute in her determination to bring it to fruition. Upon first arriving at the estate, she encountered obstacles such as the lack of basic amenities like water and electricity. Moreover, she felt that the existing house on the property did not align with her vision.

Undeterred, Raquel Entero embarked on a quest to manifest her vision, discovering a revolutionary construction technique pioneered by renowned architect Nader Khalili in California. This technique involved utilizing the very earth as a building material, enabling swift and secure construction, particularly in developing and emergency contexts. Inspired by this innovation, she constructed the first-ever earth-built house in Europe, a marvel of ecological sustainability that stands solely on its own weight, devoid of traditional iron or wood structures.


Raquel Entero’s estate stands as a testament not only to her unwavering determination but also to the incredible energy and tranquility it exudes. Stepping foot onto this extraordinary property, visitors are enveloped in an overwhelming sense of peace and harmony, making it a truly exceptional and unparalleled destination.

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The captivating interview conducted by HRH Princess Keisha Omilana, the esteemed owner of SAXS Magazine, at the magnificent estate of Countess De Pineda, Raquel Entero, left a lasting impression. Raquel Entero delved deep into the profound significance of receiving the esteemed peace flag and shared her current ventures, driven by a noble desire to make a positive impact on our world. During the interview, the true reasons behind Raquel Entero’s deserving of the prestigious peace award were unveiled, as the ADA Roerich Association recognized the extraordinary energy and overwhelming sense of serenity emanating from the meticulously crafted natural space she had created. Raquel’s genuine intention behind sharing her heartfelt video was to spread a profound sense of tranquility, and the monumental moment of receiving the peace flag amidst the breathtaking Tasta Natural Biospace filled her heart with immense joy. It stood as a testament to the unwavering dedication and lofty aspirations she had poured into nurturing that sacred environment.


With the passage of time, Raquel Entero’s vision for the estate has undergone a remarkable transformation, now focusing on curating an array of activities and events that foster the growth of art, science, and culture.