A Royal Birthday Celebration at Centro Estético África MG Beauty & Wellness

In a gesture befitting royalty, HRH Princess Keisha arranged a delightful surprise for HRH Prince Kunle Omilana on his birthday at the prestigious Centro Estético África MG Beauty & Wellness. The renowned establishment, under the ownership of the esteemed Africa Martinez Gonzalez, has been a symbol of excellence and innovation in the esthetics and beauty industry.

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A Royal Birthday Celebration at Centro Estético África MG Beauty & Wellness

Africa Martinez Gonzalez, the visionary leader at Centro Estético África MG Beauty & Wellness, has set new standards in the industry through her dedication and passion. With a career spanning over two decades, Africa has continuously pursued mastery in her craft, establishing herself as a luminary in the field.


Africa’s commitment to excellence is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills enhancement. Through specialized courses and advanced master’s degrees, she has fortified her expertise, ensuring she remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty industry landscape.

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The Team

HRH Prince Kunle Omilana’s experience with the rejuvenating wellness package curated by Africa at Centro Estético África MG Beauty & Wellness was a celebration not only of his birthday but also a tribute to the remarkable dedication and passion that Africa Martinez Gonzalez embodies in her craft. The surprise organized by HRH Princess Keisha was a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence that defines Centro Estético África MG Beauty & Wellness under Africa’s visionary leadership.


In a world where beauty and wellness are increasingly important, Africa Martinez Gonzalez shines as a beacon of inspiration and innovation. Her commitment to pushing boundaries, pursuing excellence, and staying ahead of industry trends cements her status as a true trailblazer in the esthetics and beauty realm.África Martínez González is a shining example of dedication and passion in the beauty and wellness industry. From a young age, she knew that her calling was to help people feel and look their best. Inspired by her mother’s beauty services at home, África was captivated by the transformative power of makeup and fashion. This early fascination with beauty set her on a path that would eventually lead her to establish her own successful business, África MG.

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HRH Prince Kunle Omilana and HRH Princess Keisha Omilana with team member, Victor Prades

Specializing in Aesthetic Micropigmentation, África’s main focus is on helping individuals enhance their natural beauty. However, what truly sets her apart is her commitment to giving back. Having witnessed her father’s battle with cancer, África offers Free Areola Reconstruction to those in need after undergoing oncological treatment. This act of kindness and generosity demonstrates her deep empathy and compassion for her clients.


In addition to Micropigmentation, África and her team at África MG provide a wide range of services including Facial Treatments, Body Treatments, and Wellbeing Treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. By offering holistic treatments that cater to both the physical and emotional well-being of her clients, África has created a unique space where individuals can truly relax, rejuvenate, and transform.

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Africa Martinez Gonzalez

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, África offers valuable advice based on her own journey to success. She emphasizes the importance of pursuing a business idea that not only meets market demand but also ignites a personal passion. Building strong relationships with clients, surrounding oneself with a supportive team, and staying committed to continuous learning and innovation are key factors for long-term success in the beauty and wellness sector.


África Martínez González’s story is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s passion and using it to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through her dedication to her craft, her commitment to giving back, and her unwavering focus on client satisfaction, África has truly set herself apart as a leader in the beauty and wellness industry.

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