SAXS Magazine’s RED CARPET Initiative Revolutionizes Networking at Bar Mestalla, Valencia

In the heart of Valencia, a groundbreaking collaboration between RED CARPET and Bar Mestalla is poised to redefine networking events by honoring professionals from various industries not only in Valencia but throughout Spain. Together, they strive to establish a dynamic platform where individuals can connect, share ideas, and cultivate valuable relationships.


SAXS Magazine's RED CARPET Initiative Revolutionizes Networking at Bar Mestalla, Valencia (Photo Credit: Santi de Santiago)

The RED CARPET initiative by SAXS magazine is at the forefront of revolutionizing networking with its innovative approach. Set to launch at Bar Mestalla in June 2024, the collaborative effort of RED CARPET will see HRH Princess Keisha Omilana and her husband, HRH Prince Kunle Omilana join forces to create a platform that honors and recognizes achievers and businesses in Valencia and beyond.


The decision to host RED CARPET events at Bar Mestalla every Tuesday is a strategic move, offering a consistent gathering that professionals can look forward to attending. By partnering with esteemed organizations such as the Valencia Film industry, RED CARPET aims to broaden its reach and diversify event locations. The Valencia Film industry’, recognizing the unique value that RED CARPET brings, has enthusiastically joined forces to host and promote these events.

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HRH Princess Keisha Omilana With Sergio Medina, Jesus Alfaro and Jose Giner

(Photo Credit: Santi de Santiago)

At RED CARPET gatherings, the atmosphere is always brimming with creativity and enthusiasm. Attendees have the opportunity to indulge in an array of international cuisines crafted by top chefs while enjoying a selection of beverages and cocktails. Live performances by talented artists further enhance the ambiance, fostering an environment where individuals can showcase their abilities and talents.


Nestled in the historic Mestalla neighborhood, Bar Mestalla exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere that appeals to both locals and visitors alike. Its close proximity to the iconic Mestalla Stadium makes it a popular spot for football enthusiasts to gather before or after matches. The décor adorned with football memorabilia adds a distinctive touch for sports fans.

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(Photo Credit: Santi de Santiago)

Boasting a diverse range of drinks and delectable tapas, Bar Mestalla is a favored destination among patrons seeking traditional Spanish dishes or contemporary interpretations of local cuisine. The amiable staff ensures a welcoming experience, making it an ideal setting to unwind and immerse oneself in the vibrant ambiance of Mestalla.


In essence, the collaboration between RED CARPET and Bar Mestalla is primed to revolutionize networking events by cultivating a culturally rich and dynamic environment where professionals can connect, collaborate, and celebrate Valencia’s culture and talent. Whether one’s interests lie in film, music, fashion, art, technology, or gastronomy, the RED CARPET events at Bar Mestalla provide a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and revel in the best that Valencia has to offer.

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Sergio Medina and Jesus Alfaro

(Photo Credit: Santi de Santiago)


The origins of Bar Mestalla trace back to ancient times on Micer Mascó street in Valencia. Nestled in this bustling and storied urban thoroughfare stood an establishment that has since become a cornerstone in the city. The tale of its inception and evolution is nostalgically and proudly recounted by Jesús Alfaro, its former proprietor who has witnessed its metamorphosis over more than half a century. Yet, this narrative also intertwines with Mari Tere, affectionately known as La Mari, a resilient woman who, alongside Jesús, painstakingly built this enterprise through dedication and hard work.


Mari Tere, born 72 years ago in Valhermoso de la Fuente, a village in Cuenca, entered the world in a rural setting that she later exchanged for the hustle and bustle of the city. A resident of Valencia from a young age, after residing in Motilla del Palancar, she ultimately found her calling at the helm of Bar Mestalla. On the other hand, Jesús, six years her junior, hailed from El Grao and had early exposure to the hospitality industry, initially at Centro Aragonés and subsequently at a bingo, before embarking on the Bar Mestalla venture.

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Jesus Alfaro and His Late Wife, Mari Tere

The love story and labor of Jesús and Mari Tere commenced 37 years ago. Jesús seamlessly integrated into the business, bringing forth his expertise and commitment. Initially focusing on the gastronomic offerings of the establishment, they swiftly adapted to the evolving demands of the public by introducing sandwiches for lunch and eventually extending the operating hours to cater to the burgeoning popularity of “cubalitros,” a trend that gained traction in the area during the 90s.


The 90s heralded a period of prosperity for Bar Mestalla. The business flourished owing to the success of the cubalitros and the influx of young patrons who filled Micer Mascó street on weekends. However, this prosperous era was not devoid of challenges. Jesús fondly reminisces about the disruptions caused by unruly customers, prompting them to implement measures such as price hikes to maintain order and security within the establishment.


Amidst the hurdles, the neighborhood evolved into a rendezvous point not solely for Valencia residents but also for football aficionados attending matches at Mestalla and visitors during the Fallas festivities. These special occasions translated into arduous work marathons for Jesús, Mari Tere, and their team, who tirelessly served copious amounts of beer and sandwiches, transforming Bar Mestalla into an emblematic locale in the city.

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Jesus Alfaro

Beyond the festivities, the bar retained its everyday charm, particularly during lunch hours, where crowd-pleasers like the ‘Chupadedos’ or the ‘Quart de Poblet’ enticed patrons of all ages and backgrounds. Jesús and Mari Tere’s commitment to their enterprise resonated in every aspect, from the quality of the fare to the amicable and welcoming customer service.


Despite the passage of time and transitions, the spirit of Bar Mestalla persists, serving as a poignant reminder to all those who have crossed its threshold near and far that its history is an inseparable component of Valencia’s urban and social tapestry.


Now, a fresh, young management team brimming with enthusiasm, keen to please, and harboring a vision for the future, has inherited the invaluable legacy left by Jesús and Mari, assuming the reins of the business with a determination to elevate it to new heights while preserving the essence that has rendered Bar Mestalla so cherished throughout the years.

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(L-R) Jose Giner, Jesus Alfaro and Sergio Medina

(Photo Credit: Santi de Santiago)