The Horror film festival garnered the interest of Her Royal Highness Princess Keisha from Nigeria

The Fantastic and Horror Film Week of San Sebastian 2023 was a thrilling event that captivated audiences from October 27 to November 3. The festival kicked off with the French film “Vermin: The Plague,” directed by Sébastien Vanicek, at the Teatro Principal on Friday, October 27. And it concluded with the mind-bending film “Trapped in an Infinite Loop” by Junta Yamaguchi on November 3. (All Photos credit: Arantxa Cortajarena)


San Sebastian Film Festival (All Photos credit: Arantxa Cortajarena)

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Elena Muñoz

Princess Keisha Omilana, the proprietor of SAXSMAG, shown a notable level of interest in the San Sebastian Horror Festival, expressing her deep appreciation for the festival and remarking, “The celebration of the horror and fantasy genre in such a distinguished event is truly remarkable.” The Nigerian Princess Keisha Omilana, holding the esteemed title of Her Royal Highness, displayed a strong inclination towards the event and dispatched a group of esteemed professionals who possess a deep understanding of the San Sebastian film festival’s importance. The selected representatives include Mikel Z. Castells and Anabel R. Westermeyer, both esteemed contributors to Saxsmag, as well as Arantxa Cortajarena, a talented photographer associated with the publication. The presence of the individuals in question imbued the event with an atmosphere of glamour and sophistication.


The festival also paid tribute to classic films, with Danish actress Lone Fleming presenting the 1975 film “La Endemoniada” by Amando de Ossorio. This tradition of showcasing a classic movie each year added a nostalgic touch to the event. Additionally, guest of honor Enrique Lavigne, a respected producer, and Paul Urkijo, a talented film director, graced the festival with their presence.


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Entrance of the Theatre

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The main Entrance

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Josemi Beltran

The jury, led by film director Koldo Serra, carefully deliberated and recognized the outstanding work of filmmakers and producers. Elena Muñoz, a talented film producer, and Marta Medina, a renowned journalist and writer, were among the recipients of the Producer Awards. Their contributions to the industry were acknowledged and celebrated.

Louise Groult’s short film “Gertrude et Yvan Party Hard” received a special mention from the jury for its unconventional personality, twisted sense of humor, and captivating characters. The film’s ability to surprise and its ingenious dialogues were also commended.

In addition to these awards, “Transylvanie” also received the “Silver Méliès” Award for the Best European Fantastic Short Film. The jury recognized the film as a continuation of the finest traditions of European fantasy filmmaking.

The festival also honored the best Spanish short film with the Syfy Award, which went to “Mortelli, un cas perdut” directed by Ben Fernández.

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Paúl Urkijo

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The Blogos de Oro critics’ award was bestowed upon F. Javier Gutiérrez’s film “The Wait.” The jury praised the film for its skillful creation of an oppressive and threatening atmosphere, complemented by an outstanding performance by Victor Clavijo.

Aside from the film screenings, the festival offered various activities and shows to entertain the attendees. A captivating witch show brought the streets to life, adding an enchanting element to the atmosphere. Additionally, a lively costume competition was held to celebrate Halloween, showcasing the creativity and imagination of the participants.

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Caye Casas y David Pareja 03 scaled

Caye Casas and David Pareja

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Koldo Serra

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Saliendo Cinema

The San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, a highlight of the event, was presented by Josemi Beltran, a renowned director. His expertise and passion for the genre added an extra layer of excitement to the festival.


As the festival came to a close, the winners of the various categories were honored. Caye Casas, the director of “The Dining Table,” and David Pareja, the film’s protagonist, received the award for their outstanding work. Francesc Riera and Pep Riera, actors from “The Dining Table,” were also recognized for their exceptional performances. Ezequiel Rodriguez, the protagonist of “When Evil Stalks,” proudly collected his well-deserved award.


The success of the festival can be attributed to the talented filmmakers, dedicated producers, and passionate actors who brought their visions to life on the big screen. F. Javier Gutierrez, a respected film director, had the honor of receiving the award for the movie “The Wait,” adding to his achievement from the event.

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Enrique Lavigne

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Javier Gutierrez and SAXSMAG'S Contributor, Anabel R. Westermeyer

The Fantastic and Horror Film Week of San Sebastian 2023 will be remembered as a thrilling celebration of the genre, showcasing the best in fantastic and horror cinema. As the curtains closed on this year’s festival, anticipation grew for what the next edition would bring.

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Jury members: Koldo Serra, Marta Medina, Elena Muñoz

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Caye Casas, David Pareja, Pep Riera and Josemi Beltran

Koldo Serra Marta Medina Elena Munoz scaled

Koldo Serra, Marta Medina, Elena Muñoz