Royal Approval: HRH Princess Keisha Omilana Discovers the Magic of Isabel Serrano’s Fashion Creations

When HRH Princess Keisha Omilana crossed paths with Isabel Serrano at the VIII SEMANA DE LA COSTURA VALENCIA fashion event, she was immediately taken by the designer’s unique creations and impeccable craftsmanship. The two fashion aficionados struck up a conversation, leading Princess Keisha to delve deeper into the world of the talented designer behind the mesmerizing pieces.

Isabel Serrano 9

The Designer, Isabel Serrano (Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

Isabel Serrano, a Valencia native, has been making waves in the fashion realm with her effortlessly chic and sophisticated designs. Her keen eye for detail and flawless tailoring have garnered her a loyal following of trendsetters who appreciate her modern yet timeless aesthetic.


Princess Keisha had the privilege of visiting Isabel Serrano’s atelier in Valencia and was in awe of the creativity and passion that filled the space. From hand-sewn beading to luxurious fabrics, each piece in Isabel’s collection was a masterpiece exuding elegance and sophistication.

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HRH Princess Keisha Omilana and The Designer, Isabel Serrano

(Photo Credit: Nuel Puig)

isabelserrano febrero2024 nuelpuig 130 scaled

HRH Princess Keisha Omilana at Isabel Serrano's Atelier

(Photo Credit: Nuel Puig)

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Princess Keisha Omilana looked effortlessly chic in a stunning, yet casual dress created by the talented designer Isabel Serrano.

(Photo Credit: Nuel Puig)

During their interview, Isabel unveiled the inspiration behind her latest collection, a homage to Valencia’s cultural richness and vibrant hues. The collection showcased striking silhouettes, daring prints, and intricate embellishments that mirrored Isabel’s artistic vision.


A talented and determined designer, Isabel Serrano has been carving a niche in the fashion industry with her exceptional designs. In this exclusive interview, she shared her journey from studying industrial design to establishing her own fashion workshop, where she crafts exquisite pieces sought after by women in Valencia and beyond.


Despite the challenges of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship, Isabel’s passion for fashion and dedication to her craft drive her towards her ultimate goal – global recognition for her designs. She dreams of dressing women worldwide in her creations, making them feel beautiful and confident on their special occasions.

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Isabel Serrano's Beautiful Fashion Design

(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

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Isabel Serrano presenting HRH Princess Keisha Omilana with a unique fabric meant for creating a special dress design

(Photo Credit: Nuel Puig)

Drawing inspiration from iconic designers like Balenciaga, Chanel, and Dior, Isabel infuses creativity and originality into each collection she creates. Her recent China-inspired collection dazzled audiences with its innovative designs and flawless craftsmanship.


Isabel’s workshop stands out by prioritizing quality, exclusivity, and attention to detail. She aims to offer designs that are distinctive, ensuring each piece reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence.


While balancing motherhood and business may pose challenges, Isabel credits her family for their unwavering support and her skilled team for their dedication and expertise. With a solid support system in place, Isabel continues to break boundaries and set new standards in the fashion world.

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Interview at the Atelier

(Photo Credit: Nuel Puig)

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HRH Princess Keisha Omilana elegantly flaunting a gorgeous dress crafted by the designer Isabel Serrano

(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

In a world that values uniqueness, Isabel Serrano stands out as a designer who dares to be different, creating timeless pieces celebrating individuality and style. With her sights set on conquering the global fashion scene, Isabel Serrano is undoubtedly a rising star in the design world.


Princess Keisha was particularly impressed by Isabel’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices in her design process. Isabel explained how she locally sources materials and collaborates with skilled artisans to minimize the impact on the environment.


Princess Keisha Omilana’s interview with Isabel Serrano shed light on the exceptional journey and talents of the renowned fashion designer. Isabel’s commitment to creating exquisite pieces that embody elegance, sophistication, and the essence of Valencia’s cultural heritage has captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

Isabel Serrano 20 scaled

(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

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Isabel Serrano's Team

(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

Isabel’s atelier in Valencia serves as a haven where creativity and craftsmanship merge to produce stunning garments telling a tale of tradition, innovation, and artistry. Princess Keisha’s visit to the atelier allowed her to witness firsthand the meticulous process behind Isabel’s designs, from conception to the final stitch. The atelier’s vibrant ambiance and the passion exhibited by Isabel and her team underscore the brand’s dedication to excellence and creativity.


Isabel’s insights into her creative process, inspirations, and aspirations offered a glimpse into the mind of a visionary designer shaping the future of fashion. Her ability to blend traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics sets her apart as a trailblazer in the industry, earning admiration and respect from peers and clients alike.

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(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

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Isabel Serrano's Meticulously Crafted Design

(Photo Credit: Santiago Gonzalez Pabon)

Isabel’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices reflects her values as a designer who not only creates beautiful clothing but also cares about the impact of her work on the environment and society. By sourcing materials locally and collaborating with skilled artisans, Isabel ensures the quality and authenticity of her pieces while supporting the local economy and preserving traditional craftsmanship.


HRH Princess Keisha Omilana’s interview with Isabel Serrano was not just a meeting of two fashion enthusiasts; it was a celebration of creativity, passion, and the timeless beauty of artisanal craftsmanship. As Isabel continues to inspire, push boundaries, and leave her mark on the fashion world, her collaboration with Princess Keisha symbolizes empowerment, collaboration, and a shared vision for a future where art, culture, and fashion intertwine to create magic.